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Organization Development
A Process for Improvement
Over 40 years I have traveled the world serving  clients as an Organizational Development Advisor using the time tested process of:
  •   Assess the Situation
  •   Develop Solutions with the client
  •   Implement Solutions with the client
  •   Evaluate Progress with the client
  •   Make Adjustments with the client and
  •   Celebrate Continuing Improvements with the client

Some clients served include the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, State Owned Petro Chemical facility in Trinidad/Tobago, Air Canada, Mcdonalds, Chick fil-A, Kiaser Steel, Evergreen Paper, Kate B Reynolds Memorial Hospital, 3M, Milliken , Sawhorse Design and Build, Asheville Police and Fire, Dogwood Health and Wellness and many more.


Water Plant:
Assessed the organization and provided feedback to the staff. I facilitated the group having discussion and determing their own solutions. The two groups began working together and tensions were eliminated,

Water and Sewer:
Assessed the organization then developed a communication plan for the program and redesigned the core process to eliminate errors and complaints. Errors dropped from 60/month to 0 and employee complaints ceased.

Travel and Tourism:
Facilitated management and staff to restructure Travel and Tourism. After listening to customers, we developed a strategic plan, redesigned the program into teams, redesigned key processes, developed scorecards for each team aligned with the strategy and coached the managers to manage their teams. The number of events doubled and number of persons attending events increased with the same number of persons in the program.

Petrochemical Facility:
Developed an intervention strategy consisting of diversity exercise, problem solving exercise and reflection exercise in which the senior management and board members resolved differences and anxiety and began working together in harmony.

Listened to employees, engaged staff to develop a chart tracking tardiness and absenteeism. Both tardinesss and absenteeism reduced to nearly 0 and turnover in the department  was cut in half.
Health & Wellness used focus groups and integration into strategy to increase patient count and expand services.

Labor Stabilization:
Textile and manufacturing operations management were trained to use positive methods for managing their employees, orientation programs were created to reduce 30,60,90 day turnover and management accountability was established for identifying potential turnover and taking action to remediate causes. Turnover was reduced in every operation as much as 50% while productivity and quality improved.

Created an assessment instrument and conducted an assessment of the relationship between the The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and Western Carolina University. Upon receiving feedback members of the two project teams were changed and relationships began to improve.

Small Business:
Conducted market assessments using focus groups to determine market needs and then integrated those needs into a go forward stragegy for the businesses.

A book store improved its appearance and mix of books and increased customer count.

Train the trainer and facilitation workshops have been provided based on adult learning concepts and internal change agents have been provided "coaching" training.

On All Cylinders, is published by Business Expert Press and distributed to University Libraries world wide.

"Ron is far and away the best consultant I have ever worked with", Robert Jumper, One Feather Newspaper.

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