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Toyota Production Teams
Improve quality, productivity, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Reduce errors, waste, costs and turnover.

Teams are designed throughout the organziation to manage their part of the business. In many organizations they become an internal supply chain. They are provided tools for satisfying customers. improving their scorecards, problem solving workplace issues including errors, waste, costs, process inefficiencies and team relationships.
Balanced scorecards are aligned with corporate strategy, customers are consistently surveyed and low scores are resolved. Problem solving tools include 5 step cause analysis and process mapping with variance analysis. The team process is used in many organziations to create a culture of creativity, innovation and  continuous improvement.


Clients as diverse as Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Airlines have experineced benefits that far and away provide a return on investment!
Mcdonalds increased revenues by $1m and reduced costs by 10%.
Turnover was reduced by 60% as employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction increased to #1 in their enterprise. Their increased efficiency moved their key competitor out of their market
"You made more difference in my management in 3 months than I was able to in 2 years!", Dave Natysin, EVP retired.
Air Canada's maintenance operation increased efficiency and reduced labor unrest. Other airlines began using the client for their maintenance based on their efficiencies. They reduced the time for a maintenance check from 135 days to 75 days while increasing both quality and revenues.

"We don't hear complaints any more", Industrial Relations manager.

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Star Paper Tube, a paper manufacturing enterprise experienced customer growth and saved $700,000 in first year of implementation.

HBO, a provider of healthcare software, increased efficiencies and reduced costs while increasing customer and employee satisfaction.